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The casually dressed probate lawyer is sitting at his desk in the fifth-floor office that he shares with his son and law practice partner, Barry, in Jenkintown. Three miles down the road, at Fox Chase Cancer Center, scientists are taking MRIs of mice and placing slides under microscopes in a laboratory that is dedicated to unraveling the biological workings of ovarian cancer.

Their work is funded by Dubrow, who decided to support Fox Chase in honor of his wife, Roberta, who first came to the Center for treatment in and eventually succumbed to the disease in He wanted the best. After he got in touch with a friend at the National Institutes of Health, it became clear to Dubrow that Fox Chase was the place to go in the Philadelphia region for ovarian cancer care.

After an initial consultation at Fox Chase, they went for a second opinion at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, another esteemed cancer center in New York City. So, Fox Chase it was.

Unfortunately, we seemed to be running through therapies faster than they were being discovered. This observation sparked what would become a passionate dedication to supporting cancer research.

Almost immediately after Roberta died in JuneDubrow contacted Fox Chase to initiate a fund in her name. To date, the Roberta P. Dubrow implored his children to be tested for the abnormal gene and found out that one of them carries it.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that his fundraising efforts are supporting an important cause, Dubrow looks back and knows that Roberta was treated at a highly compassionate facility. I feel good about it, and I have a couple friends who support me. Share This.

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