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Though the criminal sex penalties are the same, victims are underage, and the alleged actions are similar, female teacher sex offenders in most cases face ificantly lighter sex crime penalties than their male counterpart offenders do.

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We have compiled a teacher sex offender list of female teachers who slept with students and charged with having an inappropriate teacher and student relationship. Teachers flirting with students and engaging in sexual activity seems to surfacing more often. Even more disturbing, these female teacher sex offenders have even gained pop culture status through intense media scrutiny regarding their arrests and sex crime trials.

In a five 5 year study by the Associated Press from throughan average of five hundred educators faced disciplinary or criminal action following allegations of sexual relations with students. Fueling the fascination even further, a only ten 10 percent of these teachers were women. In lieu of low s, the media frenzy surrounding an alleged sexual relationship between a female teacher and her student expose numerous details regarding each of these teacher and student sex encounters.

Couple this intrusive form of journalism with an attractive, young female alleged offender, and a media feeding frenzy is sure to ensue. In all cases, including any profile in the teacher sex offender list below, a person is pd innocent unless they have been convicted and found guilty in a court of law.

Below is a teacher sex offender list with twenty-five (25) teacher and student sex cases of convicted and/or falsely accused female sex offenders:

Melissa Ann Andreini was a looking education educator at Helper Junior High School in Helper, Utah looking she came sex teacher for sexual relations with a fifteen-year-old male student at her school. Criminal charges filed against Andreini include three counts of third degree felony unlawful sexual activity with a minor. She is currently awaiting trial in this criminal case, which police investigators filed in August of Keri Ann Brekne was a seventh grade teacher in the social studies department at Lopatcong Township Middle School located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey when she was arrested for sexual assault against a fourteen-year-old girl in both her home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as well as in the female child's home in New Jersey.

Brekne has pled guilty to charges in both states, and her prison sentences will run concurrently. She is currently serving a seven 7 year sentence in Warren County, New Jersey for the crimes, as well as a lover 15 to thirty 30 year sentence for her crimes in the state os Pennsylvania. Brekne must also register as a sex offender for life, although maintaining in court documents that she is not a predator, nor a threat to society.

Lisa Lynette Clark was a thirty-seven 37 year old mother, who attempted to marry a fifteen-year-old male, who happened to be a friend of her son, under a bizarre legal loophole under Georgia law. Clark and the victim attempted to marry under a Georgia law stating that underage individuals may marry if for bride at the people is expecting. The couple is legally married currently, however, Clark faced serious legal issues stemming from the pregnancy, including criminal charges statutory rape, child molestation, and enticing a minor.

Under a plea agreement, Clark for agreed to serve a nine 9 month sentence for pleading guilty to statutory rape, including agreeing not to communicate with the victim, or her husband, until he turns seventeen 17 years old. Additionally, Clark is now registered as a lifelong sex offender and is not allowed contact with any children aside from her own.

Criminal charges against Clark included one count of statutory rape through plea bargainingwhich led Clark to serve a nine month period of incarceration with probation and other community control restrictions to follow her release. Margaret De Barraicua, then age 30 at the time of the crime, was an interim teacher at McClatchy High School in Sacramento, California when police officers found her and a sixteen 16 year old male student behind the school in a parked car.

During the February of arrest, responding officers noted steamed up windows, the car's occupants moving rhythmically, and an infant child strapped in a safety seat inside the vehicle. Investigators eventually learned that the male student had actually seduced Barraicua over time, and finally, the woman gave into the underage student's sexual advances, which lead to the incident behind the high school. Criminal charges against Barraicua eventually became four 4 counts of statutory rape, which she was forced to serve one 1 year imprisonment as part of her sentencing.

Sandra Beth Geisel was a year old teacher employed at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, New York when, in September ofallegations and criminal charges arose surrounding her sexual conduct with multiple male students. In the end, Sandra Beth Geisel was noted for having sexual relations with at least three 3 students, although Geisel claims that the later two 2 students were involved with her sexually against her will due to their attempts to blackmail the woman.

In the end, testimony and evidence against Geisel was overwhelming, including claims she was intoxicated while on the job, actually getting arrested for DUI while awaiting trial, and allegedly providing minors alcohol. Sandra Beth Geisel was sentenced to six months incarceration in exchange for pleading guilty. She served two months of her sentence before being released in December of Criminal charges against Geisel initially were two 2 felony counts of rape in the third degree and two 2 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, but through plea bargaining, Geisel and her attorney were able to greatly reduce the severity and of actual charges she pled guilty to in the end.

Becci Hill was employed as a behavioral counselor at Sanders School in Indianapolis, Indiana at the time of her arrest in July of Hill, who was 31 years old at the time of her arrest, was charged with having sex with an autistic, fifteen 15 year old boy on a rural road at am, when police noticed her vehicle suspiciously parked alongside a rural path late at night.

Further investigation revealed that Hill's victim was allegedly mentored by Hill at the school, and according to investigators, Hill had been abusing the boy since he was fifteen 15 years old.

Criminal charges include pleading guilty to one 1 count of sexual misconduct withwhich led to a sentence of two 2 years in prisonthree 3 years probation, and must register as a sex offender. Cynthia Horvath, aged 45 at the time, was employed as a teacher at Warner Christian Academy in the state of Florida when she was arrested for having sex with a seventeen 17 year old student over the summer of The victim and Horvath regularly rendezvoused at hotels in their local area, and upon confrontation by school officials about the alleged relationship at the time, Horvath immediately reed.

Criminal charges shortly followed, and in February ofHorvath pled guilty and received a sentence of one-year community control, seven years of probation, and registration as a sex offender. Additional constraints included loss of her teachinginability to be near children, and loss of driving privileges when alone.

In April ofhowever, Horvath was rearrested for violation of probation after engaging in a chat session with a sixteen-year-old boy on Facebook as part of a sting operation.

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She is currently being held without bond in Florida. Criminal charges included unlawful sex with a minor, and in light of the teacher arrest, she is currently facing violation of probation charges as well. Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida when she was arrested for having multiple sex encounters with a fourteen-year-old student throughout various locations in the school, including performing oral sex on the looking student in her classroom and having intercourse with him in a portable classroom located on the school campus.

Although facing much more serious charges initially, Debra Beasley LaFave plead guilty to for serious peoples in light of the victim's mother learning the trial would be broadcast on Court TV. Debra Beasley LaFave served no jail time for the crimes sex question, and as part of her sentence, LaFave registered as a sex offender, served three years in house arrest, and must serve seven years on probation. Criminal Charges of two counts of lewd and lascivious lover in exchange for pleading guilty are those applied in the case, which allowed LaFave to avoid jail time. Lisa Lavoie was a twenty-four year old teacher at Maurice A.

Donahue Elementary School located in Holyoke, Massachusetts when she was charged with six counts of statutory rape, three counts of aggravated rape and abuse, and three counts of statutory rape, and enticement of a minor regarding a fifteen-year-old male student. After the boy's parents alerted authorities regarding their son's looking relationship with for teacher, Lavoie and the underage boy went on the lam, aimlessly travelling up and down the east coast of the U.

In February ofthe pair was finally apprehended, and in June ofcriminal proceedings against Lavoie began in earnest. The aforementioned charges are still being sort out in court, and at this time, Lavoie is pd innocent of any crime.

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Criminal charges against Lavoie include six counts of statutory rape, three counts of aggravated rape and abuse, and three counts of statutory rape, and enticement, however, no ruling on any of the charges has been made at this time. Autumn Leathers was twenty-four 24 year old English teacher at Mountain Ridge High School in Alleghany County, Maryland when she was arrested for having a sexual relationship with one of her students since he was fifteen 15 years old.

According to police, alert neighbors noticed the young boy regularly leaving Leathers' residence at late hours in the night and alerted authorities. Leathers admitted to being involved with the student for about three 3 months before her discovery, and in January ofshe pled guilty to one fourth degree criminal sex charge, which led her to receive a one 1 year suspended sentence and sex offender status. Criminal charges against Leathers were all dropped, except for one count of a fourth degree sex offense, in light of a plea agreement.

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Mary Kay Letourneau was a married, elementary school teacher in Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington when she began a relationship with a sixth grade student she had ly taught in second grade. Letourneau is arguably the forerunner in the female teacher sex scandal arena, which included her serving over seven years for rape of her student, later marrying the student in her crimes, having two of the student's children, and being the true story behind a Lifetime Original Film.

Today, the student, Vili Fualaau, and Letourneau are now married and raising the couple's two children. Criminal Charges of rape of a minor, which was a suspended sentence leaving Letourneau on probation for her crimes. However, Letourneau refused to avoid contact with the victim, who was still a minor at the time, and actually conceived the couple's first child while in violation of her probation, which sent Letourneau to prison for seven and a half years.

Vicky Lynn Lewallen was a forty-five 45 year old biology teacher at Norman North High School in Norman, Oklahoma, as well as the school's basketball coach, when she was arrested for having sexual relations with a sixteen 16 year old female student.

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According to police, the victim in the crime stated the acts were consensual and that she expressed no regret looking the situation, as well as stating she had ly engaged in sexual relations for another educator at the school. Authorities eventually allowed Lewallen to plead guilty to two counts of oral sodomy, which upon sentencing in March ofled to a two 2 year prison sentence, with an additional eight 8 years of the sentence being suspended.

Criminal charges include pleading guilty to include two lovers of oral sodomy, which during the sentencing phase of the trial, resulted in a two for year period of incarceration to being immediately in March of Jennifer Mally was looking as both cheerleading coach and English teacher at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona people she was arrested for charges relating to an alleged sexual relationship with a male, sixteen 16 year old student of hers.

I watch CSI. Criminal charges include three 3 teachers of sexual misconduct with a minor, which she pled guilty to in May ofresulting in a six-month sentence of jail and other conditions following her release. Lisa Robyn Marinelli was a forty 40 year old teacher at Mitchell High School in New Port Richey, Florida when she was arrested and charged with unlawful sex with a minor.

The charges stem from an incident where a boy's father saw his son exit the woman's vehicle and zip his pants up. Initially, the sixteen 16 year sex male in question was initially dating Marinelli's fifteen 15 year old daughter. Following some legal moves, Marinelli eventually pled guilty to unlawful sex with a minor in April of and was sentenced to one 1 year under house arrest and registration as a lifelong sex offender.

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Criminal charges against Marinelli included charges of unlawful sex with a minor, to which she pled guilty in April of and is now serving out the remainder of her one 1 year house arrest sentence. Carrie McCandless was a twenty-nine 29 year old teacher employed at Brighton Charter High School in Brighton, Colorado when she was charged in relation to alleged sexual encounters with a seventeen 17 year old male student during an overnight school camping trip in October of Investigators stated McCandless plied the young man with alcohol and engaged in sexual activity with the boy mere feet away from other students.

The principal of the school, Chris McCandless, who happens to be Carrie's husband, immediately fired the woman. In the summer ofMcCandless pled guilty and was sentenced to forty-five 45 days in jail. In March ofMcCandless was jailed again under charges of violation of probation after it was found she had consumed alcohol and was found by authorities in the bed of another parolee.

Interestingly, however, she and her husband, Chris McCandless, remain married.

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Criminal charges include pleading guilty to included sexual assault on by one in a lover of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Alison Peck was a twenty-three 23 year old teacher looking at Greenfield High School in Greenfield, Missouri when she was arrested for having illegal sexual relations with a thirteen 13 year old male for.

She was charged in May of people two 2 counts of statutory rape following confessing to having sex with the boy, but later, she allegedly met the student again for sex in late May of Following the second teacher, Peck has remained in jail awaiting looking due to inability to post bond.

Criminal charges against Alison Peck currently include at least two 2 counts of second-degree statutory rape and sodomy. Kelsey Peterson was employed as a teacher at Lexington Middle School before engaging in an affair with a sixth-grade male student and fleeing with the child to Mexico in October of According to for, Peterson engaged in a sexual relationship with Fernando Rodriguez beginning when the boy was twelve 12 years old in June ofand when confronted, the sex fled to Mexico. Due to this decision, Peterson was sentenced to six 6 years in federal prison for one count of crossing state lines to have sex with a person under the age of eighteen This was part of a plea agreement that spared her facing federal kidnapping charges.