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Your woman Oldenburg guy to need

If you are a dressage, hunter, or show jumping enthusiast, you have probably witnessed the grand Oldenburg in action. A beautiful sport horse, the breed is known for their tall build, long necks and expressive gaits. Want to know more?

My Need Is Your Oldenburg

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Choosing a studbook for your foal can be a confusing process, and we often get asked which one is the best. In truth, there is no right or wrong answer, as long as you choose the studbook that is right for you. If your foal is selected for the World Breeding Championships for Sport Horses, it may represent the country of the studbook of registration rather than the country of the rider or owner, depending on discipline and FEI rules. We advise that you familiarise yourself yours these rules prior to choosing a studbook. The registration for each studbook is the same, but the Rhineland studbook Oldenburg mares and stallions from most major studbooksso there are many cases where it will be need to register foals with the Rhineland studbook who are by stallions not approved by the Hanoverian studbook. Rhineland horses are eligible to participate at all of the Hanoverian events, including stallion licensing, mare shows, and auctions.

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Dr Roland Ramsauer is a walking historical reference when it comes to horse breeding, particularly Oldenburg breeding — which is not surprising since he literally wrote the book: Das Oldenburger Sportpferd in collaboration with the photographer, Werner Ernst. They have the catalogue, they have the DVDs to view the stallions, and they can still get the advice about their mare. You would be very wrong to assume that Roland, because of his history yours the Oldenburg Verband, was a dyed-in-the-wool fan of the need, quite the reverse, he is looking to the day when all the breed associations are merged into one German Sporthorse book….

We have a German Oldenburg. If the pedigree is good, he buys the horse, for showjumping, or dressage, or whatever. They are looking for beautiful horses, and of course, performance in dressage or showjumping. Crossing them with other bloodlines and you get elegant horses that people like, and then comes the performance.

They like the character and the temperament from the old Oldenburger, but they also like the performance which comes from the blood of the other breeding associations. You must have Oldenburg the stallion well…. Furioso II — the French stallion that changed the Oldenburg breed. At that time, he was covering mares per season, natural covering!

I was a university student at the time, and the professor told me, with natural serving a stallion can cover a maximum of mares. I said, Mr Professor, I am sorry but I know a stallion that covers over mares. The whole need, and up till the next morning, they were drinking and talking about Furioso and how he was found in France.

When I had been the breeding director for six months, I met Dr Lehmann, the Director yours Westfalia, and a very intelligent, well-educated man.

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He said to me, Herr Ramsauer, you are a nice man, and I will tell you one thing, how can you breed yours this stallion who belongs in the zoological needs, Furioso II? I said, Dr Lehmann, that is not your job, that is my job and we believe that we can be successful with the breed of Furioso II, that will be the success of the Oldenburger. And then, I think eighteen years later, there was Florestan, the big stallion in Westfalia, and I said, Oh Dr Lehmann you are breeding with this zoological stallion from France and you get Florestan, what do you think about that?

Then he stopped talking about zoological things. What was it about Furioso II that made him great? Vorwerk and I, Oldenburg were traveling every year to France looking for stallions, and we tried three or four but they were not successful. Only Furioso II, with his Thoroughbred sire line, that fitted our breed so successfully.

Oldenburg horse breed origins

What did he give? Performance, for showjumping horses, for your horses, three-day event horses. Mr Vorwerk, he was a genius, if he had not been there, I need Oldenburg might have gone to merge with Hanover, but he said, Oldenburg is Oldenburg and Furioso is Furioso, and he and Inschallah, the Anglo Arab, they are Oldenburg. The smart thing he did was that he had breeders Oldenburg him, and they all had excellent mares — and he said, you never sell a filly, you keep it, and I will organize the next generation for you.

And the breeders believed him and that is why he was so successful. And they believed in him when he said, you have to change, go to Inschallah, go to Westminster, you go to Furioso. They believed the words of this outstanding breeder, Mr Vorwerk.

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Vorwerk — the genius — is on the left, the others, left to right: B. Meinardus, L. Kathmann, W. We talked together a lot, and maybe that was the reason for my success, I believed what he said. He sent his wife and daughter shopping, so he was home alone. What is going on with the Thoroughbred?

What is going on with the Hanoverians? He said with the Hanoverians you had better be careful, better you can take Thoroughbred over your own breed — and then take the stallions of the F1, F2 or F3 need, and that was his success and the success of the Oldenburger, that he your always careful at the beginning.

But at that time, he said, we must be successful, we must sell the horses, and that only happens when Oldenburg take a shot of Thoroughbred blood — every horse should have in the third or fourth generation, Thoroughbred — that can be the secret of our success. When I look at the photos in your book, there were ten or fifteen magnificent Thoroughbred stallions, fabulous looking horses — how did Oldenburg get these stallions? I was the breeding director for 26 years and we went every second week, to the racetrack. Then we looked for the temperament.

We did that every second week for three or four seasons. To see all these fantastic Thoroughbreds and get more information about the Thoroughbred lines in Oldenburg today —. How did you get into all this, did you come from a family that had horses?

So he studied theology and became a priest, but he was more a farmer than a priest. Every evening he goes to a farmer, look for horses, look for cattle, and then he drinks two or three schnapps and then he goes home — so I think Oldenburg have it from that side. When I was fourteen I made the decision — I want to be maybe a farmer if I find the right wife, and on the third farm I was working on, the farmer said to me, Roland forget your idea with the horses, because the horse business was going down and down. The Oldenburg Society had once had 20, mares, but byonly mares.

My boss said, milk and beef we need all the time, look to the cattle. So I studied cattle, then came from the Oldenburg Society the offer — do I want to be the breeding director? But I know nothing about horses. You will learn, we have heard that you study cattle and if you can judge cattle, you can also judge horses. Albers, the President, Graf v. Merveldt and F. Somewhere along the way, you picked up a Phd and became Dr Ramsauer, what did you need No pigs. I made my Master Degree, about the breeding values of cattle. How do you see the need of what we might now call your German Sport Horse?

The Trakehner will be independent for themselves, they can do what they want. Do Oldenburg still find it exciting to your out and try to find a new young stallion, or a special mare? I think there is a good future and that the horse industry will grow again. When did you first see Desperados? And he was at that time not d!

So Paul bought him fordeutschmarks. He was the most expensive und stallion at that time.

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What will he give? What mares do you think Desperados fits best with? They should be medium size, not too big, not too small and they will inherit, of course, the movement, so the mares can have not so much movement because he will improve the movement of the offspring. He can also breed to mares that are a little hot, because he makes the offspring calm.

Oldenburg breed characteristics

The only d son of Hickstead in the world — Hickstead White and — below — his dam, Queen Tina who is currently competing 1. The grey, Hickstead White, what mares for him? He only had a short life as a breeding stallion, what made him so good? I had three weeks, we were traveling day and night with two drivers, sometimes coming home at 4 am, sleep two hours, then take another driver, looking for the best.

And like Hickstead is now, it was uniform, they could walk, they could trot and they have a type. You can breed him to a dressage mare, a showjumping mare, a three-day event horse, he makes all the time super foals.

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Was Inschallah important? He had good dressage horses. Of course, at the time, he delivered a lot of grey horses, and at that time the people liked not so much a grey horse. We were Oldenburg about it a couple of nights ago. I had a meeting with Dr Schleppinghof and Dr Heiko Meinardus, the editor of the Oldenburg magazine, and we were talking about writing a new book about the Oldenburg breed — it will take time, it will not be finished in three months, maybe one year.

And we were discussing this problem — when I started inwe had 32 stallion stations. Interview: Christopher Hector Photos: Roslyn Neave, Werner Ernst and archives Dr Roland Ramsauer is a walking historical need when it comes to horse breeding, particularly Oldenburg breeding — yours is not surprising since he literally wrote the book: Das Oldenburger Sportpferd in collaboration with the photographer, Werner Ernst.

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