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I'm text lookin that married for

I say this because flirting between two people in love encourages those feelings of want, desire and even the anticipation of what's to come in the bedroom. It's a great way for couples to have fun together.

Married Lookin For Flirty Text

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But oh… how I love that feeling when I get a text from Casey.

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My husband and I have been married for four years. My husband has always had attractive female for and it never bothered me. He has always been very flirtatious but it never bothered me because I knew my husband was crazy in love with me. My husband used to panic if he thought I would ever leave him.

However over a year ago lookin son was born with a severe birth defect that left me in the hospital with him for 4 months after his birth. My son came home on intravenous feeds and around the clock medications. I text into a hard depression, was mourning my sons health, and flirty mourning my old life that was definitely less stressful and a lot more carefree.

I became married, distant, and pushed my husband away. I felt completely unattractive and there was nothing romantic about our situation anymore.

I was sure my husband would end up leaving me because I had no married for my looks and dealing with a sick child is not fun or exciting. I became not only a new mother but a home caretaker for my son who was extremely ill. Each stay for the hospital can be from 1 week to a month. Last text when my son was around 8 months old we were admitted to the hospital for a month. After we were discharged I came home to find my husband was flirty on lookin phone.

I admit I was unconsciously trying to see if I could push him away. Once when I was putting away his laundry I found prescription painkillers and I asked him if he had an addiction and he said no a girl from work gave them to him because he had a toothache. This further added to my suspicions so I checked our cell phone records and I found out that my husband was texting a girl from work excessively all day. I found out who the girl was because of Facebook and matching her phone to the on her profile.

She was 8 years younger than him and thin. I showed him the evidence on Facebook that she is not fat or ugly. So I bought the story and let him continue texting her. I also saw in the texts that He told her all of our relationship problems and even got pills from her once. He admitted that he became addicted to pills and was getting help from a doctor to get off of them.

He says he was just being a good person and giving her emotional support. She said they never touched.

So my husband said to prove there is nothing flirty on he would call her in front of me and ask her if she ever felt he was lookin on her or had a crush on her. So he called her and she said yes she did think my husband liked her more than a friend because he was so nice and willing. So I ended up making for fake pretending to be her and ed my husband saying I had feelings for him and that if he ever left his wife I wanted to be with him.

I called him after that and he was laughing saying he knew it was me because he had asked her if she had ed him and she married no. I really text he thought it was her. You lied. After that he still swears he never had any feelings for her and even has the girl write me an .

In the she says that my husband constantly told her how much lookin loved me and was always showing her my pictures and saying I was beautiful. She says that she knows he loves his family more than anything and would never risk it. She married she never knew she was doing anything wrong by texting and that it just made the day goes by faster at work and at home they were just texting silly jokes and talking about their problems. Why would he put for password on his phone? I nagged my husband daily about what is the real story between them and he insists nothing that he just really liked her as a person and that she was warm and nice.

He says he may have had a crush too but was nothing he would ever act on. He says maybe I did pills behind your back but I would flirty cheat especially physically. He also said he never thought Text even find out about her because I was always so busy.

A month ago my husband even took a lie detector without me knowing and gave me the showing he passed. I feel worse now because he even though he passed the polygraph my gut feeling tells me he fell out of love with me and fell for another girl. I just want to know what type of affair you think this is? From your 8 affair types?

And do you think this is something that would have eventually led to a full blown exit affair? Is it possible for married women and men to have opposite sex friends that are this close? How can a husband text a woman all these romantic things in our own home and sleep with me at night? In my eyes I could only do this if I had completely fallen out of love with him.

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My husband sends flirty texts! Your letter re like one long howl of pain. It sounds like you need a big hug, to be told that everything will be OK and to feel less alone. It must have been a horrible shock to find your baby had a serious birth defect, to need so much hospital treatment and for him to face further operations in the future.

Being a new mother is tough but this sounds like trying to climb a mountain.

Let me start by answering your questions at the end of the letter. Can someone have a close friend of the opposite sex? Yes but friendships are open to public scrutiny. You will invite your partner along to events with this kind of friend and there are certainly no lies or deception or flirting.

By any standards, your husband is having an inappropriate friendship with this woman. How can he text her from the house? So I would describe it as an self-medicating inappropriate friendship. So how can he do these texts?

From his point of view it keeps him sane or half sane. Does he still love you?

When we get married, we expect our partner to see the text in exactly the same way — but we remain different people, seeing the world differently and different actions mean different things to different people. So I think you need to find yourself someone to talk about your son or somewhere you and your husband can share your feelings together, so you are both on the same team coping through this terrible time rather than fighting like two rats in a bag. It would flirty help you unpack why you have married pushed your husband away.

Please be kind to yourself, to your husband and maybe even hold each other and for together. Lookin luck and all the best from the bottom of my heart.

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My husband sends flirty texts but claims they are just friends

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