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These special assets are appreciated not just by the men but also by women. Beautiful breasts are something every woman would love to have.

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I have a confession to make. Most breasts are rather wonderful.

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Small, large, or somewhere in between, they all look lovely to me. The best way I can put it is, I have the eyes of a hungry infant, everywhere I look in the world very often I see boobs.

What are you supposed to do about the fact to some men gazing at your boobs is like taking in a Technicolor summer sunset. It is kinda odd how breasts hold such power to draw the eyes of a man. But they do. You have to remember that some sunsets, and the silhouettes of some breasts, a man remembers for a lifetime.

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To speak of breasts this way divorces them from the woman they are attached to. I get that. It might cause a man to want to stop and stare, to gaze and gawk at the delicate beauty. This happens.

But unlike the plant that produces the blossom, the woman who produces the bosom has eyes. She can see you staring at her. Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. She feels reduced to a thing. Her only involvement in the moment is to give the viewer pleasure. Her space is invaded by his eyes as they reduce her to naughty bits and pieces.

Here's what you should do to get beautiful breasts.

I totally get that. No one wants to make a woman feel that way. And this is my conundrum as a feminist-minded boob-lover. I think any zero tolerance policy seems cruel and unusual. There has to be an allowable limit of boob-time. To say never ignores the nature of the man. Try as I might, my eyes are faster than any conscious thought.

Be breast aware

They move at the speed of nature not society. My eyes act at the speed of reaction. Like a hawk hunting field mice, my eyes find your breasts far faster than the demands of propriety can restrain them. Sometimes, I see a hint of cleavage peaking through a gap between buttons and my eyes jump there faster than you can say titties! I am not proud of this. But I am being honest. Paradise can be found on the backs of horses, in books and between the breasts of women.

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I think science has my back on this one. What about: one second? Seems fair. Two seconds seems decadent, and three seconds, well, then a dude is officially ogling her Funicellos. Okay, how about this?

I get a moment of recognition and then I avert my eyes, like any decent gentleman. And I should probably look elsewhere. No one is defending a dude who stares at breasts with the foul hunger of some half-starved beast.

Probably more so. No woman deserves to be eye-molested by a slack-jawed waste of testicles. So that confusion is why I have to ask. And I know some of you like a man with a good ass. You want something to grab onto, I get that.

Breast changes to look out for

We should also point out, some men have an advantage over others. We call those guys, ass men.

The typical butt man is a lucky dude. And it sucks. For everyone involved.

For one second I can take notice of the many varieties of curves and shadow that surround me daily. A creative man can live a lifetime inside of one second; if properly inspired.

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