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I get all of the assets and lifetime alimony, right? The answer is that, while adultery can be relevant, it often has little impact on a divorce in Pennsylvania.

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Now! Adult Matchmaking, live chat room, Instant messages. I've sworn off relationships until after school but I do want someone to do things with and hopefully more. I have a great personality, love to be spontaneous and have a really kinky side when in the mood. I need someone who can really handle me using them lets be honest, that's what I'll be doing but who also likes to have fun, so I guess it's up to the brave souls who love sex without strings!!

How old am I: I am 49

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Reading, Pa. The research, published in Evolutionary Psychologyfound that independent raters could accurately assess, with a greater than likelihood chance, whether a person in a committed wife relationship had been unfaithful just by listening to a small sample of his or her voice. The cheated voice samples, from both men and women, consisted of participants simply counting from 1 Edgemont These people had ly been surveyed about their behaviors and self-reported whether they had had sex outside of their committed relationship.

The participants rated the voices of those with a history of cheating as more likely to cheat.

Male speakers were given higher ratings for cheating, while female raters were more likely to ascribe the cheater label. But why? Researchers are not certain what the raters were picking up on to indicate infidelity.

In the study, the researchers also manipulated the pitch of the voice samples to study the impact. They found that lowered pitch versions of both male and female voice samples were perceived as more likely to belong to cheaters. But the study found that regardless of pitch manipulation, raters were still able to assess actual history of infidelity.

The one exception: male raters had more difficulty accurately judging female voices with lowered pitches. For the 14th year in a row, Albright College has been named one of the best schools in the Northeast by The Christian Hamann, Ph. Want to Know if Your Partner is Cheating? Learn more.

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