Welcome To The NEW Fish Tale Charters Boat & Website

Welcome To The NEW Fish Tale Charters Boat & Website


The NEW BOAT which will have the same name FISH TALE as the previous boat is at Cecil Marine getting ready for our tentative launch date of May 2nd. We are very excited to get her in the water. I have been going up to the boat helping to get some things done yet there is still some work to be completed. The GARMIN ELECTRONICS are all installed as of this past Saturday. The bottom of the boat still needs to be prepped and painted with anti-fouling paint. My rod racks need to be made and installed and rod holders for the gunwale in the cockpit need to be cut in. The shelving for our tackle lockers are also on the to do list. The work remaining is not difficult and can be done over the next few days this week. This weekend the bottom of the boat will get the paint and we should be ready to go. COOL.

We are planning on starting our FISHING CHARTERS when the Flounder season starts which is May 25th. We will do all Bay Flounder Fishing trips thru June and will add our Ocean Bottom Fishing trips as of July 1st like we usually have.

If you are reading this report you may be a regular customer or maybe you are just following the fishing reports, or maybe you have just seen our website for the first time. Regardless, we extend a WELCOME, TO THE NEW FISH TALE CHARTERS WEBSITE. Those of you that have been familiar with the site for years have noticed that we have a completely new look. I like the new look and think the guys at Webimax did a great job. When we get the NEW FISH TALE in the water we are planning on getting a good picture for the home page main picture to replace what is there. One of the great things about this new website is it is very mobile device friendly. You will be able to follow us on line with you PC, your Note Pads and on your Smart Phone. We certainly hope that all of you enjoy the new FISH TALE CHARTERS website. You will see that all of the information you could need in booking a fishing trip with us is here on this site. If you have questions about the FISHING CHARTERS we offer or would like to book a trip you can call by phone, the number is at top of site to left. or you can email from the website in the CONTACT & DIRECTIONS page. Please take a look around the site and enjoy.

Looking forward to seeing you on the boat. Capt. Craig