We now offer two Back Bay Striped Bass fishing adventures in the Ocean City NJ area, we think you will enjoy both. With our 2018 Parker 25′ Sport Cabin boat, we will be able to get to and fish areas of the Back Bay that we haven’t fished years past. If you’re looking for a new fishing adventure offered from one of the best-known Ocean City NJ fishing charters, you should read on.

We now offer 2 BAY STRIPED BASS Charters in our Ocean City, NJ menu of fishing trips:

First is our BAY SPRING FISHING – STRIPED BASS & BLUEFISH TRIP. (Starting Date to be Determined)

  The second trip we are offering is the BAY FALL FISHING – STRIPED BASS TRIP. This trip will start the beginning of October and be offered into November. We have been doing these two trips now for a while. Both fishing trips have proven to be successful in catching fish. The BAY FALL FISHING for STRIPED BASS TRIP has been the most popular with our clients. This trip has also been the most productive in catching fish.

On these Ocean City, NJ fishing trips, we fish the shallow waters around the marshes behind Ocean City & up in the Mays Landing River. Most of the Striped Bass in the Bay are resident fish. The fishing technique used during this tip is Casting and Retrieving. (Casting skills are needed for these two trips) Our anglers will cast artificial baits into the shallow waters of the marshes and work these baits back to the boat.  (For More Information Click On TRIPS & RATES Then Click On The Trip In The Menu You Are Interested In)

The Casting and Retrieving method is fun and exciting. This fishing style is effective in catching Striped Bass or Bluefish. At times you can actually see the Striped Bass grab the bait in its mouth. Very Cool! In choosing either of these two trips, casting skills are required. You can learn how to cast and work artificial baits if you don’t know how. Capt. Craig has the years of Ocean City NJ fishing experience and the know how to teach you these techniques. With practice you will get better. The better you are at CASTING & RETRIEVING the better your results in catching fish. This is Capt Craig’s favorite way for Ocean City NJ fishing for Striped Bass in the Bay area: Run and Gun. You will be casting various types of artificial baits around the marshes and work the baits back to the boat. Using the Casting Method, we can cover a lot of ground in the back country of the Bay. (Artificial Baits Are Included)



There are no SPECIAL OFFERS at this time. Check back with us in the future.

If you have any questions about the fishing trips we are offering for this season please contact Capt. Craig at 609-391-8230 Thanks!