With our new 2018 Parker 25’ Sport Cabin boat we will be able to get to and fish areas of the Back Bay that we haven’t fished in the past for our Bay Summer Flounder Trip.

We are adding 2 NEW Bay trips: For 2018 BAY FALL FISHING STRIPED BASS TRIP. Then starting in 2019 the BAY SPRING FISHING STRIPED BASS & BLUEFISH TRIP.

On these trips we fish the shallow waters around the marshes behind Ocean City & up in the Mays Landing River. Most of the Striped Bass in the Bay are resident fish. There are 4 ways to do this trip (1) I can buy live bait and drift. (2) Use the live bait and troll. (3) Use artificial lures and troll. (4) Casting and working artificial bait.

The Casting method can be a good fun choice. It does require some casting skills. Capt Craig will teach you if you don’t know how. With practice you will get better. This is Capt Craig’s favorite way for fishing Bass in the Bay: Run and Gun. You will be casting various artificial baits around the marshes and work the baits back to the boat. Using the Casting Method we can cover a lot of ground in the back country of the Bay.


T-shirt give away. In welcoming our new 25’ Parker Sport Cabin boat, we here at Fish Tale Charters, will be giving 1 of our logo T-shirts to the group leader who has set up the fishing trip with us. This is contingent on the trip being completed. We have 3 colors; maroon, yellow and royal blue. Sizes are L and XL.

Shirts are also for sale and can be bought at $15/shirt.