Fish Tale, Getting Ready To Fish

Fish Tale, Getting Ready To Fish

The new boat has been in the water for about a week. Over this past week we have been getting ready to start our FISHING CHARTERS. I have been going through the garage making decisions on what we need on the boat in the way of tackle and gear. With the two tackle lockers it is easier to get what we need on the boat and keep everything organized. As of yesterday I have all that is need on the boat.

Starting this week coming up all the rods will get set up with rigs and hooks so we are set to start our FISHING CHARTERS . The Flounder season for 2018 will start on Friday May 25th, that is when we will drop the lines over the side and begin a new chapter with a NEW FISH TALE on our FISHING CHARTERS that we offer.

Each day after getting gear on board I have been taking the boat out and running her around the Bay to put some break-in hours on the YAMAHA engine. The engine is a beauty and runs great. She pushes the NEW FISH TALE real well. I am very happy with the 300HP YAMAHA engine. She will get us to and from the fishing grounds with out blinking.

In addition to getting the gear on board for our FISHING CHARTERS and breaking in the engine I have been learning the NEW GARMIN ELECTRONICS. With the owners manual in hand I have been pushing buttons. It has been going along good with only a couple time saying “OOOPS” followed by a few other expletives. I have a real good understanding at this point of how the GARMIN electronics operate and that will become second nature as I use the machines on a daily basis. While pushing buttons I have been putting in all my way-point numbers for the fishing hot spots in this area. I have GPS numbers for spots I have been fishing over the years from Atlantic City south to Sea Isle City out to about 10 miles.

We are NOW BOOKING FISHING TRIPS FOR THE 2018 SEASON. Call Or Email If You Have Questions Or Ready To Book Your Trip.

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